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"Entrepreneurship and innovation are the engines to 'change'. It is up to us making sure the transformation is a positive one."

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Focusing on improved environmental performance can lead to profitable opportunities. We help companies across industries adopt circular-economic activities.


The Bottom of the Pyramid is a huge potential market, but also a perfect lab for fundamental innovation. Through inclusiveness and cooperation we support value creation for a sustainable development.


A regular publishing of articles, books, training packages, and case studies attest our interest in knowledge creation. However, we are arguably even more interested in knowledge dissemination.


Modern society needs new lifeblood. We devise programs that facilitate the formation of social entrepreneurs and conceive ground-breaking techniques capable of generating innovative solutions for social needs.

"Sustainability and leadership are both the ends and the means for 'stability'."

About Us

WorlDynamics started in 2003 and was based in Australia for nearly two decades. Over the years, what was initially conceived as a local standard management consulting practice gradually evolved into a global platform for a sustainability revolution. Its inspiration flows from the blend of academic and professional experiences of the founder, Marcello Tonelli, and his extensive travelling to more than 100 countries. His theoretical and practical knowledge of business fundamentals, coupled with first hand experience of the main problems that affect society in the 21st century, have resulted in a concept that seeks to bring lasting positive changes.

Through its brand and logo WorlDynamics intends to convey the ideas of change, interconnectedness, and stability.

To understand our mission, we must start by replacing the word 'growth' with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Our first priority is towards a healthy planet, hence we deal with everything that concerns environmental sustainability. In business terms that means supporting the development and uptake of green technologies and innovative practices that can lead us towards a true circular economy. Our second priority is towards economic sustainability with a focus on ending poverty, rising living standards, and achieving shared prosperity. Finally, we are also interested in social sustainability, which we interpret as recognizing and looking after cultural factors like engagement & identity, health & wellbeing, learning & adaptation, ethics.

While the three domains (environmental, economic, and social) are separate in terms of goals, they also share significant overlapping areas and their points of intersect demand expert attention. For example, we are drawn by the development of green technologies for the upper markets that can result from developmental initiatives at the BoP; or again, programs seeking to protect the way of living of indigenous people while at the same time showing the developed world a testimony of what has nearly been lost in terms of respect and fear of Nature.
Three areas of expertise guide our interventions – ENTREPRENEURSHIP, STRATEGY, and INNOVATION – which we operationalize through RESEARCH, TRAINING, and CONSULTING activities.

WorlDynamics members offer professional advice to start-ups, small and large businesses, governments, NGOs, research centres, and community-based initiatives in accordance with industry standards and guidelines provided by the governing body of the profession.


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[CSR; Intl Law & Policy]
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"Through inclusiveness and cooperation we better understand the 'interconnectedness' of the complex system we live in and are part of."

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