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Leadership training

There is an urgent need for new leaders to show the way and to collaborate in forming strong coalitions capable of changing the world by promoting a sustainable culture and implementing the necessary measures.

Planning Regional Ecosystem Sustainability

Platforms that facilitate cross-sector collaborative work are to be encouraged (e.g. technology parks, regional clusters, etc.) as well as strong industry-university partnerships.

Incite Broad Systemic Change

Urge policy developers and decision makers to move towards more sustainable practices through the speedy and far-reaching enforcement of virtuous regulations.

Advocating an open innovation mentality

Actively engage with organizations that implement policies of open innovation in an effort to create and share that sort of fundamental knowledge that has practical implications for the survival and progression of mankind.

Globalization for the 21st Century

The Amazons, the oceans, and the atmosphere belong to us all and there should be no borders when referring to them. Under a global perspective, collaboration – working together to achieve a common goal – should be considered the only way forward.

Facilitating communication

Proper communication strategies are essential to get everyone to look at the same picture, hence achieve social change.

Unlocking the Power of Knowledge

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Useful Resources

This section is dedicated to some of the best videos we found dealing with topics of interest for a prosperous sustainable society: good leadership, interconnectedness, globalization, open innovation, systemic thinking, ...